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I invite you to experience the immersion in nature. An experience that is a meeting of our internal nature with the nature that surrounds us. The role of a forest therapy guide is to maintain the process, opening the door to experience and closing it properly. Everything that happens in between is an intimate connection between you and the natural world.

Forest therapy? 

Forest therapy is a process that might be familiar to each of us. Our ancestors grew up in nature, and the urbanized world is relatively new for our species. Currently, not only life in the city limit us in contact with nature, but especially the pace of our lives and...


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Dagna Gmitrowicz

certified forest therapy guide

by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy

Dagna Gmitrowicz is a certified Forest Therapy Guide by ANFT/USA. She also completed a four-year Postgraduate Psychotherapy Course at the Erickson Institute in Łódź, Poland and a Postgraduate Art Therapy Course.

For years, she has been combining the natural environment and the language of visual expression with work for the development and mental health of adults and adolescents.

She comes from Łódź but lives in Berlin. She is also a professional painter who studies the beauty of the world around us.