What is a forest therapy?

Forest therapy is a process that might be familiar to each of us. Our ancestors grew up in nature, and the urbanized world is relatively new for our species. Currently, not only life in the city may limit us in contact with nature, but especially the pace of our lives and attention which is mainly directed towards tasks and responsibilities and not towards building relationships and conscious life.


The practice of forest therapy is becoming more and more popular nowadays. This is a tendency to use the resources that are closest and most natural to us. Numerous schools, initiatives and approaches are emerging. This diversity only makes me happy because it encourages more people to immerse themselves in the forest in their way.

The practice of forest therapy according to the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy ANFT  is a practice that supports deeper contact with nature, as well as establishing a closer bond with it, a re-connection.


How does this happen and why do you need a guide's assistance?

Well, I grew up in the forest. Since moving to the city, my contact with nature and the forest slowly decreased and was limited only to conversations with pets and caring for plants at home. The forest remained only a holiday adventure and not a regular way of building a relationship with nature.  Thanks to painting and in particular - the image called "Chapel in Roots", I discovered the practice of forest therapy. Great forest therapy guides opened the doors to the forest for me, and I saw myself again in the reflection of nature.

Now I am a certified forest therapy guide, and I am honoured to invite you to this practice.



Immersion in Portugal, Sintra, ANFT
ANFT certified guide
Dagna Gmitrowicz

How does it work? 


There are three kinds of experiences I can offer:


- One-time immersion in nature -  which normally takes between 3 and 5 hours.

- 3 days of immersion -  an experience combined with a deepening connection with nature and creativity.

- Remote guiding - I especially encourage this practice to people who cannot leave their homes or are far from the place where I conduct nature walks.


I conduct immersions mainly in Poland and Germany, but sometimes I travel to other places in Europe.


Follow my offers and let me know if you have any questions.